Quiet in San Fran11 May 2008
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El otro lado de la cama
2002, Spain
director: Emilio Martínez Lázaro

The Other Side of the Bed is a colorful, flirtatious, occasionally sultry musical comedy about the infidelities of four young adults who, by the end of the movie, are paired into the same number of couples. The deceptions pile up, and the entire mess could be cleared up with a brief, honest conversation, but like the characters in a sitcom, these folks fear a brief, honest conversation more than death, one of many contrivances useful for someone making a bedroom farce like this. It's possible to make an inventive comedy along these lines — in recent years There's Something About Mary and Y Tu Mama Tambien have managed to be funny, sexy, or thoughtful, or even all three — but The Other Side of the Bed has few virtues beyond its likable model-actors.

A sequence mid-way through where we hear the interlocking thoughts of two lovers as they question their actions does have a kind of symmetry and musicality — arguably more than the movie's trite songs — and the scene mirrors the opening number in which two women sing alternating lines about the yin-yang relationships of men and women, but the lovers' introspection is so shallow that the rhythm is little consolation. There are plenty of silly faces and jokes about bisexuality (actually it's just one joke, repeated a dozen times), but they don't build to much of a climax as the movie marches through the permutations of partners and eventually drifts into the closing credits for lack of anything better to do.

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