Quiet in San Fran11 May 2008
— Errata Movie Podcast —

The Sundance Channel is sponsoring a series of four movies in 10 US cities. Sundance and Loews will open a different movie every three weeks, starting August 29. (In San Francisco, they'll be playing at the Sony Metreon.)

Expanding the film festival circuit to more people sounds good, but the series starts with The Other Side of the Bed, which hardly seems like a movie with "independent vision", the words that the press release puts into Robert Redford's mouth. The press release also says that these movies will be released on DVD and shown on the Sundance Channel.

Money, theatrical distribution, video, broadcast... how does the "independent" film world differ from the major studios? Oh yeah, they don't have to spend very much on product.

If independent filmmakers are itching to get noticed by Sundance and are therefore trying to make movies that a big distributor will smile about, how independent are they? I know, it's the old art-requires-money problem.

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