Via Chicago
August 2008

Well, I've had such fun working on the podcast with fellow film writer J. Robert Parks that we've decided to launch a new movie web site full of reviews, interviews, and textual mayhem. And with what will likely turn out to be a crippling degree of boldness, we've included a posting frequency in the site's very name.

It's called Daily Plastic, and I hope you'll check it out. The podcast will be moving over there, but the transition should be seamless. And I'll be posting more frequently than I do here at good ol' Errata, beloved and cob-webby.

I've been hooking up technical do-dads, so Mr. Parks has taken more than his fair share of the pizza, but not to worry. I fully intend to sabotage the remaining pieces by picking off the anchovies. Wait, back up. I fully intend to carry my own weight as we go forward.

More plastic goodies are in the works. Do not be daunted by the movie grid. It's there to help.

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