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— Errata Movie Podcast —
Doug Florian of Berkeley, California, starts his days with soy nut butter on toast and a cup of green tea. He pays for his breakfasts, and indeed all of his meals, by working as a flag man at a nearby hauling operation. He is the one who hops out of the truck's passenger door with a red flag in his hand to help the driver back the truck into the optimal spot for loading and unloading. His fellow workers agree that the flag is not strictly necessary and that Donnie, the driver, has been backing into driveways long enough that rear view mirrors are sufficient. This merely demonstrates Mr. Florian's attention to detail. In the evenings he tends to his plants and places phone calls pertaining to prospective social activities. Doug Florian is a kind and gentle man. At no time in his life has he spent the majority of his days stumping for Schwarzenegger with a bullhorn, a fistful of pebbles, and an obscenely placed strip of duct tape, as we so crassly implied in a recent essay. Sorry.
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