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July 2007
19 July 2007 — Episode 002 Podcast

Sandra Hüller in Requiem
Sandra Hüller in Requiem (23|5 Filmproduktion, Bavaria Film International)

Some people construct an annual top ten list in the final hours of December, with an eye on the clock, but others diligently begin the list at the start of the year and let it take shape over the course of twelve months. I love to read the evolving lists — Christmas all year long — but I have to admit that I more often belong in the former group, myself.

However, I've been so quiet on the blog this year that I thought it would be a good idea to fill the second episode of the Errata podcast with a recap of some faves of the year as we pass the mid-point. It's not a top ten in the making, just a few good films that came up in conversation.

And joining me, with some favorites of his own, is J. Robert Parks who also spends a few minutes talking with me about the Toronto International Film Festival.

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9 July 2007 — Episode 001 Podcast

Guy Maddin
Photo: Guy Maddin, courtesy San Francisco International Film Festival

Welcome to the very first episode of the Errata podcast, an audio program of movie chit-chat. This first episode features a conversation with filmmaker Guy Maddin about his new silent film, Brand Upon the Brain!, which is being presented in various cities this summer as a live extravaganza, with an orchestra, foley artists, a soloing castrato, and a different celebrity interlocutor at each stop.

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