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February 2003
A couple of corrections to our recent 3-part biography of newsman Dan Rather: the date of the Battle of Gettysburg mentioned in Part 1 should have read July 1, 1863, instead of March 1. Also, all references to Mr. Rather throughout the series were actually references to rocker GG Allin, including all quotations, anecdotes, and photos. (Alert reader Tonya Fleming gets a free t-shirt for bringing this to our attention.) For these errors we wish to apologize to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mr. Rather and, if need be, the late Mr. Allin.
In our recent "Stock Picks" article, several of the entries in tables 1, 2, and 4 mistakenly read "buy". These should have read "sell". We intended the entry in table 3 that read "accumulate" to read "reduce". And some of the formulae contained in the article were either algebraically flawed, statistically suspect, or both.
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