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We would like to apologize for this site's recent downtime and would like to relay a piece of valuable advice: where possible, avoid hiring a cinephile to maintain your web site. When we asked our administrator why our site was down, he said, "Shh. I am smoking." And he was. "You cannot treat me like one of the factory workers in Modern Times," he told us when we pointed at our blank screens. "You are acting like Lee Marvin in Point Blank," he told us when we said "404 Not Found" in unison. 404! Not Found!
and so
After we exhausted all of the entries in the Cinephile Yellow Pages (we may not renew our subscription when August 2007 rolls around) we resorted to more traditional means to find a tech worker who would not discuss the MacGuffins in our code, ask repeatedly whether the problem was with focus or framing, decry our use of video ("This is not celluloid. I can do nothing."), and drone endlessly about the chiaroscuro lighting in our server room. The guy who brought us back up said only, "There," and later added something about Apache pearls, but we don't think it was a Marxist rant nor an anti-American reference to the history of Manhattan, so we will call him back if things snap again. We apologize for this lapse.
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