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minor correction
A clerical error has unfortunately affected our analyses of two recent movies. We praised director John Woo for his unprecedented turn toward the serious in Cold Mountain, his elegant movie about a Civil War-era romance. Our reviewer was disappointed only in the way Woo relied on his most hackneyed trademarks late in the movie, staging a Mexican standoff and prefiguring a character's death with birds, substituting crows for his usual doves and planting a dove in a church as a red herring. We also lambasted Anthony Minghella for expanding on the success of his plane crash movie by making a futuristic thriller filled with a variety of ridiculous crashes. While the two men have clearly influenced each other, we aim for precision and must therefore point out that Minghella directed Cold Mountain and Woo directed Paycheck, not vice-versa. We've replaced every ink cartridge that contributed to the error.
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