Quiet in San Fran11 May 2008
— Errata Movie Podcast —

I've been enjoying a new monthly magazine published by McSweeney's in San Francisco called The Believer, or as I like to call it, the Bee Lever (harness the power of bees for your heavy lifting).

It's an odd amalgam of literary appreciations, publishing industry editorials, notes on philosophy, interviews with pop culture figures (Pat Benatar, Jack White, Martin Short), and humor about tools, mammals, and motels. Although the opening editorial often has the tone of an insider's rant from a trade journal, I like the spirit of it all. Which is: let's stop all the bickering and get back to loving literature.

But my favorite pieces have been the semi-regular features by Jim Shepard about movies. His choices are interesting (Badlands, Babette's Feast, and, in the current issue, Goodfellas), his cultural context relevant to today, and his length and depth are after my own heart. (The piece on Babette's Feast and "weepies" dovetails, perhaps, with my tirade against Lilya 4-Ever.)

[Update August 10: The piece on Goodfellas did not materialize in the current issue but will be in the September issue.]

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