Quiet in San Fran11 May 2008
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Charlie Rose
An injured Charlie Rose.

One day last week, Charlie Rose appeared on his show looking like this. He explained:

First a note about my eye. I had a little accident. I tripped and I fell on the pavement, and look what happened. And we took four of five stitches, and I'm OK. So no more questions. And I can't do that silly joke about "you should have seen the other person."

TechCrunch provided a few more details:

I contacted the show’s producers to hear what happened. Earlier today, they said, Rose tripped in a pothole while walking on 59th Street in Manhattan. He was carrying a newly purchased MacBook Air and made a quick (but ultimately flawed) decision while falling: sacrifice the face, protect the computer. "In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately," they said.

I've had an iPhone since — ok, yes — since the week they came out. I don't talk on the phone much, but a few years ago when I needed an email-capable phone for work and started carrying a Treo, I quickly became hooked on easy access to my mail and the Internet. The Treo was fine, but the iPhone has been a welcome upgrade.

Back in September or so, I stepped out of the subway as I did every morning, iPhone in hand, headphones in ears, and began moving quickly up the escalator to exit the station. Walk left, stand right.

Half way up the escalator, in a near jog, I tripped, but without thinking I put both hands out to catch myself, which meant I slammed my iPhone between my palm and the metal escalator. I got up, dusted myself off as I rode to the top, and noticed on my left hand the grill marks from the step where I'd landed, and on my right hand nothing but a perfectly unharmed iPhone, still there, still playing, ironically, an episode of Charlie Rose. (I listen to his show often but I watch it rarely.)

OK, OK, an iPhone is way cheaper than a MacBook Air and carries no irreplaceable data. I might have gone face first if I'd been carrying my laptop, too.

My advice to anyone thinking of getting an iPhone is always the same: don't get a case. I see people carrying their phones in all sorts of sleeves and wallets and beveled bumpers designed to protect this admittedly fragile-looking piece of techno glass. But I'm here to tell you they're not necessary and that the device is much more pleasant and compact without a shell. I've dropped mine more than once, and I've slammed it hard against an escalator to protect my, you know, face. And while the thin chrome-like band that runs around the screen has a couple of minor nicks, the rest, including the touch-sensitive glass, is as pristine as the day I bought it.

I'm sure you can damage it. I do try to take good care of mine. I don't stick it in my back pocket and sit on it. Well, not often. So don't blame me if something bad happens to yours. I offer no warranties, no guarantees, just the experience of carrying an iPhone around under pretty much constant use in an urban environment with no case and, surprisingly, no ill effects.

Now, headphones ... that's another story.

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