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I've received a few emails about this, so let me make the correction. My remembrance of Antonioni and Bergman that appears in the October 2007 issue of Paste has a disorienting print error between pages 63 and 64. I hope those of you who hit that bump were buckled in safely, which is always recommended.

The sentence that begins on page 63 and ends on page 64 should read as follows:

And he transferred that fascination to the audience, not by telling them tales or teaching them lessons but by raising questions, big ones about existence, why we move around the earth, why we interact with other people, and who we are.

To find out who I'm talking about in that sentence, I'm going to make you get the print issue. Ha! I do have a backlog of pasties to, err, paste into this blog at some point. Will do. Not today.

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