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— Errata Movie Podcast —
Now that the quiet period of the recent presidential election is over, we're looking forward to resuming our film commentary. However, we must first mention how surprised we were to learn, this week, not only that film-related web sites are exempt from the quiet period but also that there is no quiet period. We now believe the quiet period was an invention of one of our laziest film writers who has done practically nothing, nothing at all, for several weeks. Knowing this, we say that if the Internet still exists in its present form in four years, we hope to provide a great deal more film commentary in the days before the presidential election than we did this year. If the Internet takes a different form, such as that of a sea urchin, an ontological argument, or a chicken-cicle, we resolve to adapt to the changing times and provide whatever film-related content is appropriate for the medium. And the times.
We bid a belated happy election to our kind readers.
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