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— Errata Movie Podcast —
As you know, Errata has the long-term goal of opening our own theatre to cater to the needs of film lovers who are not currently served by large chains. To that end, we've taken the first steps toward outfitting the lobby. We've purchased a deep fat fryer in reasonably good condition, and we've hired an out of work computer programmer to design a video game. Nouvelle Nouvelle Revolution 2000 will be a cooperative two-player game with state-of-the art graphics and sound effects. Try to get past the riot police to break into the cinematheque before the digital Man sets the place ablaze. Don't let the police officer's baton knock your glasses off. Leap above the throng to catch the supportive telegrams from Carl Th. Dreyer and Josef v. Sternberg that waft from helicopters before the cops chomp them in their teeth. In level two, the first player to get a 4000-word essay on Andre Tarkovsky published in a magazine with Meg Ryan on the cover receives a bonus Milk Dud. Collect enough Duds or you'll have to leave the theatre for lunch.
going forward
We're confident that with the right mix of in-lobby amenities and bubbly staff we'll attract a clientele that truly ♥s cinema.
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