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A number of readers have written to us under the impression that a certain correction on this site implies that Terrence Stamp is God. It does not. A slightly smaller number of readers have written under the impression that it implies Terrence Stamp is not God or is perhaps a sort of anti-God. It does not. Although it's true that all movie figures represent either God or Not God and all movie figures are portrayed by either Mr. Stamp or not Mr. Stamp, we did not mean to conflate the two statements in an allegory about holes in walls nor weigh-in on the debate of Mr. Stamp's ambiguous mortality. The most we can say is that we enjoyed his performance in John Boorman's Eight Point Five where he plays Dr. Toby Poe, an aging, just-out-of-jail rock musician who's determined to confront a record company executive (Christopher Reeve) to find out what happened to his daughter and his convertible. As far as we can tell, the intern responsible for the fist-sized hole where our photo of Mr. Stamp used to hang was not thinking of this or any other movie when he lashed out but was instead driven to the brink by a piercing tone that was not the fault of Mr. Stamp. We correct here and now any misunderstandings our readers may have in regard to this matter and dismiss any complaints premised upon erroneous assumptions.
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