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— Errata Movie Podcast —
Rarely do we use this space to correct errors that occur in the confines of our offices, since in theory they affect only us. However, today we report on an error made by a former member of our IT staff who some months ago rigged a device to sound a tone in our office when a specified period has elapsed without updates to this site. As designed, the tone becomes gradually louder, longer, and more piercing as updates remain absent. The installation of this device has proven to be an incredible error. Earlier this week the tone reached such an otherworldly cry that our intern, after watching his dog run circles around his desk for three hours straight, was heard to mutter something about slipping the surly bonds of earth before he thrust his fist through a wall. It was not our favorite wall, nor our favorite intern, frankly, but we must admit that this hardly matters. Somewhere between the last update posted to this site and the hole in the wall, the tone ceased to be an incentive and became a serious hindrance to the writing process. Finally, the electrical people disconnected us from the grid and we snipped the red wire but not the green, dear God, not the green.
and so
We apologize for this error insofar as it has affected your enjoyment of this site, and we thank you for your patience as we recover from our lack of sleep, our power outage, the loss of an intern, and the loss of the spot where our photo of Terrence Stamp usually hangs with prominence.
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