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— Errata Movie Podcast —

Here's this week's movie log, without much commentary for now. This includes the tail end of the SFIFF.

4-27 The Five Obstructions (Leth/von Trier)
4-27 Grimm (van Warmerdam)
4-28 A Diary from the Next World (Barkovskaya short)
4-28 Bad Behaviour (Clarke)
4-28 L'Esquive (Kechiche)
4-29 Reconstruction (Boe)
4-30 Serge Daney: Journey of a Cin?-Son (Boutang/Rabourdin)
5-1 Suzhou River (Lou) [DVD]
5-1 Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (Tarantino)
5-4 The Lovers on the Bridge (Carax) [DVD]
5-6 Chronicle of a Summer (Rouch)
5-6 The Mad Masters (Rouch short)
5-7 Millennium Mambo (Hou) [second time]

I'm currently travelling for a few days, but I'll be back to the movies shortly.

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