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— Errata Movie Podcast —
We were under the impression that the Internet Movie Database is not a blog. Blogs, as you know, work backward; new items are at the top. Other web sites don't work this way, but just as we were celebrating a month without any errors, we came to realize that the IMDB works backward, too. Newer films are listed first. We've combed through our archives to correct as many problems stemming from this misreading as possible, but we can't assure you that we got them all. We can promise, however, that as of today we will cease referring to Coppola's mafia trilogy as "The Godfather Countdown." We've deleted our essay about Chaplin that found it curious that someone who began his career with verbose political farces would move gradually into silent films then finish his career with a long string of crude slapstick shorts. Our suggestion that Guy Maddin may follow in his footsteps is hereby retracted. We always applauded Blake Edwards for settling on Peter Sellars for his ever-improving Clouseau prequels after a number of casting missteps, although we disliked how much time the boring David Niven stole from Sellars in the final installment. We'll refrain from this line of argument in the future.
Except for trivial details like film titles, our analyses of the movies of Mel Gibson and Woody Allen remain essentially unchanged.
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