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— Errata Movie Podcast —
Although we went to great pains to recruit only the brightest reviewers to write the film notes for the first ever Errata film festival, we've belatedly discovered a number of errors in their work. First, most historians agree that Josef von Sternberg did not "delete two vons" from his name when he moved to Hollywood, as the notes for Blue Angel state. Also the notes for The Battle of Algiers include photos of the actors, but one of the photos is incorrect. Below is the incorrect photo alongside the correct photo.
It has come to our attention that this may have been a deliberate substitution by one of our brightest reviewers who obviously has no sense of proper professional behavior. If pretending that Jafar Panahi was in The Battle of Algiers is someone's idea of a joke, we are only sad for that person, especially when he or she goes on to state that the actor's name is Bruno von Forestier and that his daughter once made a movie about apples, both untrue. Confusing two people only because they are both in the film industry or because one of them rarely wears fatigues makes us very very angry, very angry.
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