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— Errata Movie Podcast —
We'd like to thank everyone who donated funds in support of the first ever Errata film festival, which concluded last weekend. However, we have some bad news. Our festival director was instructed by the powers that be to use the donations as best he could. "Look around you," he was told. "All of this costs money." And so it does. But our festival director has unfortunately sunk most of the funds for next year's festival into that most ubiquitous of movie snacks. Furthermore, to set an example for the many volunteers under his tutelage, he "went the extra mile" and popped every last kernel of said snack in a feverish marathon of popping late last night. Before we could stop him, your hard won donations were salted and buttered and already going stale. We don't want to do this, but sadly and humbly we must ask you all to donate again. To compensate for this doubling of your already generous support, we will be offering in exchange for your trouble a handsome, limited edition bas-relief plaque depicting one of several classic movie scenes, lovingly and swiftly hand-crafted out of that most organic of movie snacks and a clear-drying adhesive, the perfect addition to any media room, office, or den.
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