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This past Sunday, Harry Shearer started his radio show with this tidbit:

This week Southern California reclaims the crown [as one of the "capitals of irony in advertising"], at least temporarily.

A new radio station has gone on the air, Indie 103.1. "Your independent station," it calls itself, because it plays a different variety of pop music than most of the stations on the air. Independent 103.1 is owned by Clear Channel Communications, the company that owns more than 1200 radio stations, the company that owns more radio stations in the country than anybody.

But you know if you have that kind of power you feel sort of independent, don't you?

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April 14, 2004, 07:22 PM

This week at the top of his show Harry Shearer issued a correction to his comments about Indie 103.1. He has recently been informed that Clear Channel does not own the station. "I was wrong.... Clear Channel merely handles the advertising sales for the station. So aside from the fact that Clear Channel has a finger on the revenue windpipe of the station, it is indeed independent."


And isn't it nice for a prominently placed mistake to get a prominently placed correction? We're all about prominently placed corrections here at this site.