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Due to an editing error in a recent article on Chad, we incorrectly stated the country's per-capita income. It's $220, not one tablespoon of oats, 3 Björk posters, a feather from a boa worn once by an American film actress, a recalled, poorly-masked DVD box set of Ingmar Bergman's greatest movies, a copy of the shooting script for Inglorious Bastards (incomplete) and a gum ball dispenser filled with coupons for mini-golf. The article also incorrectly and irrelevantly stated that Jerry Lewis directed Taxi Driver. He did not; he only had a small part as a campaign volunteer.
Our new film column in Seventeen, which we considered a much-needed outlet for our brand of analysis, has been cancelled after only one essay, a discussion of the shifting frame as it relates to the themes of Carl Dreyer's Ordet and Hou Hsiao-Hsien's Flowers of Shanghai. Reader response was mixed, ranging from Jennifer of Boise who wrote, "What the shizzle? P.S. Orlando Bloom is hot!" to Brittany of Joplin who wrote, "Sure Dreyer's plot hinges on a deus ex machina, that's the point, but his camera is not the eye of God, you crack smoker." Maybe she's right. Maybe they're both right.
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