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— Errata Movie Podcast —
A recent guest reviewer for our site made a number of unfortunate factual errors when reviewing the new Jon Favreau/Will Ferrell movie Elf. While it is true that the Ferrell character, Buddy, leaves the North Pole on an ice floe, he does not in the process rescue an unconscious woman floating toward a deadly waterfall. The actress who our guest reviewer said played the woman, Lillian Gish, passed away in 1993 and could not have appeared in the film. While it's also true that Buddy and his new love spend a night in a department store, they do not roller skate through the store; Buddy, therefore, does not skate dangerously close to a ledge in a part of the store that is under construction. In general, the movie has far fewer perils than our guest reviewer led readers to assume. Finally, we're still investigating the reviewer's claim that the movie is a remake of Crocodile Dundee with the part of the Australian tracker replaced by an elf.
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