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— Errata Movie Podcast —
We previously mentioned that American teenagers had begun using the word "grisbi" in everyday conversation, as in "take your mitts off my grisbi" or "I'll trade you half my sandwich for half your grisbi, yo." We have since discovered that our sample may have been skewed. We knew that the statistician on our payroll was moonlighting as a linguist, but we did not know that he was also moonlighting as a pinball repairman and thus came into contact with unsavory characters. As you may know, "grisbi" has been in wide use among pinballers since the popular "Grisbi Gitcha" machine was released to great acclaim in 1968. Perhaps the word, which means "2000 bonus points" in French, has spread somewhat from these quarters, but most likely our statistician should not have extrapolated from the observations he made with a wrench in his hand and a buzzer between his teeth. Sorry.
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