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— Errata Movie Podcast —
Despite efforts to prevent such mishaps, several unfortunate errors crept into our recent list of 100 Essential Movies Starring Celebrities. In an effort to be true to our purpose, we polled seven non-celebrities for our list, which may have been our undoing. Due to limited space, we're ignoring some near-errors that resulted from vague rules: Roger & Me arguably did not star a celebrity when it was made, but it does now, so we've left it in our list. However, we will remove A Thomas Kincaid Christmas because it stars only calendars, albeit famous ones, and was made by one of our seven non-celebrities over the holidays. We will also remove Fistful of Dollars because it's just a western and Irma Vep which we now believe was made up by one of the jokers in our poll. Finally, we have eliminated 8 1/2 and Le Petit Soldat, nominated by the same joker, because they star only nobodies.
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