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— Errata Movie Podcast —
We were extraordinarily lax in our recent essay about Hollywood nepotism when we implied that Johnny Whitaker, child star of A Family Affair and Snowball Express, is the great-grandfather of actor Forest Whitaker. Although only a third of the essay hinged on this assertion, we feel we must point out that Johnny is probably not old enough to be Forest's great-grandfather. Their acting styles and mannerisms bear little resemblance, but we thought we had solid information. We did not. We have not yet reconfirmed whether, as we reported in the essay, Johnny Whitaker will star in the sequel to Ghost Dog to be called Son of Ghost Dog, but our recent findings have at least eliminated the irony of Johnny essentially portraying his own great-great-grandson, which we hailed as beating Geraldine Chaplin's portrayal of her own grandmother hands-down.
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