Quiet in San Fran11 May 2008
— Errata Movie Podcast —
2002, UK
director: Danny Boyle

Fast editing is popular these days among movies that are trying to be energetic or scary, but they often seem to be using a barrage of images to make up for a lack of those qualities. The fast editing of 28 Days Later... by contrast is used for streamlined storytelling. Director Danny Boyle uses quick visuals to set up the premise in a matter of minutes without robbing the story of any of its mystery. The movie is more eerie than scary, but its somber mood covers up the basic zombie movie at its core. It's far too serious to have zombies that say "Brains, brains." Instead, they move in herky-jerky style, as if they were edited from stills. Their eyes bulge and they vomit blood, but if you blink you'll miss them. The people running from the zombies end up in a military compound that they hope will be their salvation, but it turns out to be run by Tyler Durden and Col. Kurtz. Most of the good stuff in the movie is in the first third, and the story doesn't so much veer off track as gradually drift. It's shot on harsh digital video, but it makes good use of digital effects to create a spooky London without any people. The alternate ending that plays after the closing credits is a bit of a let-down. You can probably imagine your own third ending that's more satisfying than either of the ones on the screen.

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