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We recently reported that Wes Craven was set to direct the long-awaited sequel to Last Year At Marienbad, called Next Year At Marienbad. But our sources may have been mistaken as the project seems to have been shelved. While the reasons for canceling the project are unclear, we speculate that it has something to do with Mr. Craven's plan to strip the story to it's core — murder in a large old European building — which may have been at odds with the studio's desire to capitalize on the current popularity of plots with twisted timelines by building a franchise around a mysterious, time-traveling cardsharp, played by Rod Serling in the original. Studios may also have gotten cold feet after watching the recent Russian Ark fail to earn $100 million worldwide. That film, too, takes place in a large old European building, and although it does not involve killing it does feature a number of dead people and, thus, may encroach on the same market. We apologize for any misinformation that we may have disseminated.
Since this web site's inception we have asserted that Knight Rider would never be adapted to the big screen. Sorry.
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